Yet ANOTHER Dam Holiday?!

As if there wasn’t already enough holiday cheer in the air, the Hoover Dam Collective has resolved to add our own debaucherous seasonal flair to the mix with Yet Another Dam Holiday. (See multi-religion-embracing poster below)

Theo Boguzsewski’s rendition of the 12 days of Christmas says it all:

12 shots of whiskey
11 damsels dancing
10 whistlers whistling
9 vikings bouncing
8 sharks a leaping
7 orchestra bitches
6 chicks eating roses
5 hookers scheming
4 dudes in their pajamas
3 hipsters drumming
2 interns strumming
1 giant lemon (property of the Hoover Dam Collective)

This show will feature:

Pat Hull

Juliette Strong and Band

Lauren Elder

Bunk Bed

Live Comedy and Dance

Come out to Spike Hill on December 18th. You have to leave to see the family soon and you might as well get one last Brooklyn huzzah in before your grandma pinches your cheeks until you get psoriasis. (or before the world ends) Am i rite?

Attend the event on Facebook, friends.


About BK in Bk

HDC's resident Photographer and Website-keeper. Occasionally contributes dance and choreography talent. Works in a restaurant to earn cheddar.

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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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