Nicholas Horner Photobomb

Nicholas Horner: Band Leader, Nick Horner Family

“[I’ll be] Stage Managing the roof and doing a little ditty with my folks in the Nick Horner Family.”


“Any event that’s half concert and half party is worth getting excited for.  Plus, it’s HDC. How can any other Saturday event compete?”


Neighborhood of Residence:  Bed Stuy

Location of Shoot: Outside the old location of Chavela’s on Classon Ave.

Nick Horner will be performing and stage managing the roof set at the Hoover Dam Collective presents FallOut on Saturday, September 27th. 

Alex Mackinnon Photobomb

Alex Mackinnon – Bandleader, The Whistleblowers

“The band is called the Whistleblowers. It’s inspired by my need to try to change all the fucked up things in this world in some small way. Some of my favorite artists are John Lennon, Fela Kuti, Rage Against The Machine – people that have spoken up for what they believe is right. Thats what led me to form this band.”


“We’re doing a very open set. I’m using the amazing musicians I have – basically I want to give them the freedom to express themselves in the maximum way by leaving a lot of room for them to improvise and for us to interact. This one is going to be a little bit of a departure; I’m busting out my computer and using some electronics, so I’m excited to see how that works.”



“I’m always excited to do a Hoover Dam show but this one is going to be a lot of fun especially because the space is really beautiful and I always like doing shows that are in my neighborhood!”

Neighborhood of residence: Crown Heights

Location of Shoot: Outside Calabar Imports on Franklin Avenue. 

Alex’s band The Whistleblowers will be playing at The Hoover Dam Collective presents “FallOut” in Prospect Heights on Saturday, September 27th. More info here. 

Nat Osborn Photobomb

Nat Osborn: Bandleader, Songwriter/Singer and Keyboard Player in the Nat Osborn Band

“[Our music is] hard to describe but it’s somewhere between Stevie Wonder, Rufus Wainwright and Radiohead. Three piece horn section, solid rhythm section and some adventurous pop songs”

Relaxing in front of Little Zelda

Relaxing in front of Little Zelda

“I’ve played in a ton of clubs over the past year but these kinds of shows are my favorite. There’s always a wild energy in the air because it’s more DIY and the crowd is filled with dancers, artists, musicians and people looking to have a memorable night.”

Nat is so amazingly photogenic!

Nat is so amazingly photogenic!

Location of Shoot: Little Zelda, the most adorable coffee shop on Franklin Ave.

Nat Osborn Band will be headlining Hoover Dam Collective presents “FallOut” in Prospect Heights on Saturday September 27th. More information here. 

Sean McVerry Photobomb

Sean McVerry, Singer / Songwriter / Composer


This dude on the right did not seem to care that we were doing a photoshoot one bit.

“The Hoover Dam has always been great (to perform for) because you’re playing to an audience of people that really care about what you’re doing and what you’re making; It’s fun to have that kind of energetic audience behind you because it really drives (your performance).”


Place of Residence: BedStuy



Location of Shoot: Outside Unnameable Books, Vanderbilt Ave and Bergen St.

Sean McVerry will be performing at The Hoover Dam Collective Presents FallOut on Saturday, September 27th at 8pm in Prospect Heights. More info here.



Theo Boguszewski Photobomb

Theo Boguszewski, Founder of the Hoover Dam Collective


“I think the the HDC is a great example of young people coming together to create their own opportunities in a difficult and often isolating city. I love that the HDC is centered around community- we give artists the opportunity to network and form relationships with other artists.”

Theo Boguszewski

This guy came up to us and wanted to be in the picture too.

This guy came up to us and wanted to be in the picture too.

“I have been living the neighborhood for over fours years and have watched it change greatly. I am excited to be part of a growing arts community and I want to share the HDC with the neighborhood and encourage locals to get involved.”

Neighborhood of Residence: Crown Heights!

Theo’s Profile on The Dance Enthusiast

Location of Shoot: Outside Prospect Heights Beer Works on Washington Ave.

Theo Boguszewski is involved in producing The Hoover Dam Collective Presents FallOut on Saturday, September 27th at 8pm in Prospect Heights. More info here.


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