An Evening with Old Friends!

After countless mental disses towards the weather it is totally a normal and intrinsic part of human existence to say “when will it stop” as well as “I need to get out and go on an adventure or something”.


This weekend is expected to be a relief from Mama Snow, and The Hoover Dam Collective Dancers will be warming their tendons and giving it all they’ve got at the Slipper Room on Orchard Street, a downright noteworthy/gorgeous new venue right off of Allen Street.

Come on and cozy it up with old friends Brian & Silbin, Freeman Dre, Little Embers and even more pals. HDC’s own Breegan Kearney (yes that is clickable) will be performing a solo piece (solo anything = cojones and talent) for Kat Rhodes based off of her piece “Sisters I Didn’t Had”. It is worth noting that Kearney has previously stated that she’s “not afraid to slap her audience in the face a bit”, which means that yes, it is definitely going to be a good show. 


Mary Carter is also going to show something. If that was purposely vague it’s because she’s the “creative type” that not only seems to do everything that falls under the umbrellas of “creative” and “cool”, but she also manages to just totally excel at all of those things.

Mary Carter

This is her advice for living (that was paraphrased, but this isn’t) –

“Do! Show up! Try and foresee bumps coming and just plow through them by staying active, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and the moment you let down that wall, anything can happen!”

Right. If there weren’t enough reasons to be down to go there’s also Katz’s Delicatessen down the street (Google Maps estimates it as a 3 minute walk), which means that this could essentially be the perfect “snow breakers” night of 2014 with just a little bit of planning.

Sunday, February 23rd @ 6:30pm, $10 Cover

The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Street 

HDC’s Easter Voyage into Manhattan. P.S. Janonis.

For those of you who were enjoying a scrumptious Easter dinner at home or recovering from the Seder Korban Pesach, I have compiled this handy recap (or Breecap, as I like to call it) of the Hoover Dam Collective’s Sunday show at the The Living Room.

“Oh wait!” You may be shouting at your screen, “I don’t remember you ever mentioning this show on the Blog.” Oh Dear Readers, you would be justified in accusing me of not doing an event post for this show. I didn’t even post the awesome graphic I made:

 (Bright colors mean fun, easter, celebration and candy!)

Readers, I apologize for not being on top of everything. I can only be perfect 99 percent of the time.

Blog-incompetence aside, I’ll get REAL honest. As a recent college graduate living so very far away from my home and family, being unable to celebrate holidays with my kin can be depressing. Luckily, the creative inspiration I feel when I’m performing with my talented friends is almost as amazing as my dad’s tantalizing twice-baked potatoes.

On Sunday night The Living Room felt like an my Living Room; the atmosphere was warm, smiles abounded, and many of the bands and collaborators had been a part of the HDC family for years.



The night started off with 2 dudes strumming guitars wearing extremely swanky shoes [see image!] known as:





Lost Leaders.

Peter Cole and Byron Issacs entertained us with their powerful harmonies and witty banter inbetween songs.




Don’t worry, We have a clip!

Next, with a sound as sweet and tender as an Easter Ham cooked to perfection,

Pat Hull and Michael Chinworth

performed a set with a special collaboration by Nicole Restani. Photos:

All videos provided by Dave Theisen. Thanks Dave!
Then, a large-scale collaboration arranged by Theo Boguszewski took the stage, performed by Katrina Cunningham, Roseann Baker, Lucy Wilson, Breegan Kearney, Andrew Cothren, Nicole Restani, Theo Boguszewski, featuring poetry by Katrina Cunningham, Adrienne Rosenberg, Charles Bukowski and the music of Vo Rag [Michael Krause and Brandon Lopez)


You can view the piece, which is an excerpt of a larger work to be performed at Purchase’s Downtown Cabaret festival on Friday, April 13th. For more info, click here.


Following this incredible collaboration was a set of poetry read and mostly written by

Carlos Marquez

(Not Carlos Mendez, Theo’s elementary school crush) helped by HDC friend

Nat Osborn



Carlos read many original poems, including one which was elegantly set to lush, sparkling piano accompaniment from Mr. Osborn. As a small treat at the end of the set, Carlos also read an awkwardly phrased, extremely cocky poem written by none other than the great Charlie Sheen, yielding peals of laughter from the audience.

You can see this collab0 hurr:

To finish of an already amazing night was a set by the HDC’s favorite shock of curly french hair:

Cyrille Aimée!

Cyrille provided the audience with a mind-blowing vocal set using her loop pedal to layer the beautiful noises coming from her cute, dimpled mouth.

Ms. Aimée was joined by dancers Roseann Baker and Katrina Cunningham in not one but TWO songs!



Well, this concludes another famous Bree-cap, and it’s time to make my poignant closing remarks and thank-yous.

You guys are the best. I love you all. Thank you. Here’s a poem by Charlie Sheen.

Endive, undead, unbroken,
Relax, relate, rehab,
Drug addict,
Pursue, persuade, persist,
Per-petuate [sic] your own death
By smiling a lot.
Supply, succumb, deny—everything.
Turtle, android, pain.
Endeavor, endless, end.

P.S. Janonis.


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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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