Nate Waggoner Photobomb

Nate Waggoner: Writer

Bra Shopping to promote the HDC show.

Bra Shopping to promote the HDC show.

Nate: I like to write about America and Moms and Dads and sometimes I’ll write about ummm….(whats a cool thing to say? What do people like to read?)

Breegan: Violence and Mystery?

Nate Violence and Mystery!

Nate frolics  with his mayonnaise spreader in Mazon Discount.

Nate frolics with his mayonnaise spreader in Mazon Discount.

“I’m very excited (to perform at the HDC show), I like the rooftop. I’m pleased to be supporting one of my favorite major rooftops in Brooklyn.”

Nate convincing the mannequin to like him.

Nate convincing the mannequin to like him.

Area of Residence: New to Crown Heights. (Transplant from the Bay Area!)

Location of Shoot: Mazon Discount and Cool Pony, both on Franklin Avenue.

Nate Waggoner will be performing at The Hoover Dam Collective Presents Fall Out in Prospect Heights on Saturday, September 27th at 8pm. More information here. 


For Locals By Locals


If you’ve been paying attention to the Hoover Dam Collective on Facebook recently, you may have noticed a multitude of posts regarding a summer show series called For Locals, By Locals, in collaboration with ECS.

What is this?

Well, the Hoover Dam Collective has been asked to curate this series of shows, pulling from our vast network of past collaborators while getting a chance to showcase new performers. The Event Connection Source, created by Avi Werde, is not only providing access to a large space, they set up the show entirely for us! Its a refreshing opportunity for The Hoover Dam Collective to get in touch with the artists again. We aren’t so busy running around that we can’t stop to listen and enjoy the talented performers that collaborate with us. It’s a good chance for our audience to come catch up with the administrators of the Hoover Dam, because we actually have a free moment to chat!

The events are 21+, and they feature clothing from Franklin Ave’s favorite vintage store, Cool Pony. ECS is also doing awesome feature articles on our artists, written by Alexandra Coffey. Here’s a great one about trumpet player Wayne Tucker.

The series is every Wednesday at 8pm at Mr. Rogers. (231 Rogers Ave. Brooklyn) Check out the facebook page for the series here. 



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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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