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Theo Boguszewski, Founder of the Hoover Dam Collective


“I think the the HDC is a great example of young people coming together to create their own opportunities in a difficult and often isolating city. I love that the HDC is centered around community- we give artists the opportunity to network and form relationships with other artists.”

Theo Boguszewski

This guy came up to us and wanted to be in the picture too.

This guy came up to us and wanted to be in the picture too.

“I have been living the neighborhood for over fours years and have watched it change greatly. I am excited to be part of a growing arts community and I want to share the HDC with the neighborhood and encourage locals to get involved.”

Neighborhood of Residence: Crown Heights!

Theo’s Profile on The Dance Enthusiast

Location of Shoot: Outside Prospect Heights Beer Works on Washington Ave.

Theo Boguszewski is involved in producing The Hoover Dam Collective Presents FallOut on Saturday, September 27th at 8pm in Prospect Heights. More info here.


September 27th, 8pm.

Oh, the brisk air! The rattle of Cicadas in the late summer dusk! The pumpkin spice lattes! Yes, oh yes, FALL IS fucking HERE! It’s New York City’s most pleasant (read most tolerable) season, and the Hoover Dam Collective is embracing it with open arms. Enter HDC’s FallOut, an art extravaganza in a unique loft space located in Prospect Heights. Incredible music acts? We got it. Class act dance companies? Wouldn’t do without them! Interactive pop up performances? Why not? Secret spacious venue with tons of character? Yes! Booze? DRINK UP!

_MG_9292 copy

(I sincerely hope there will be a washboard at FallOut)

The evening is headlined by Nat Osborn Band and ChristinaNoel and the Creature.

“The Nat Osborn Band melds, mashes, and stirs up styles like a chef mixing spices: a dash of funk here, a dollop of big band there, a sprinkling of reggae all around a solid base of smart, catchy songwriting.  The result: a unique and original sound all its own.”

We did a profile on Nat as a blog feature, which you can read here

“ChristinaNoel & The Creature is a Brooklyn based dance company that focuses on creating a hybrid performance medium utilizing the dancers’ voices, bodies, and drawing from their perspectives. “

Keep an eye out for more info about ChristinaNoel and the Creature on our blog!

_MG_8710 copy

We will also be featuring

Sean McVerry

Singer Songwriter / Composer whose inspirations range from Impressionist composers and J.D. Salinger to Brian Wilson and Wes Anderson Films.

The Whistleblowers

Brooklyn based band fronted by HDC powerhouse and long-time contributor Alex Mackinnon. Rhythm is king and groove is council. More about Alex here. 

Cole Quest Rotante and Sam Merwin

What can you say? Foot stomping, thigh slapping, corny dad joke havin’ bluegrass picking. Come work on a building with Cole Quest Rotante and Sam Merwin.

DJ David Kiss

Get your dance on with HDC’s best bud DJ David Kiss. He’ll be closing out the night so you can be sure to work up a sweat before you leave and face that chill fall air.

LoudHound Movement

Incredible contemporary modern dance collective presenting highly physical and dramatic work. Check out their website –

Spark(edit) Arts

What happens when you mix theater and comedy and dance? A unique hybrid of beauty, physical exploration, and drama.

IMG_5421 copy

Are you extremely pumped yet?

If you’re interested in attending, you can purchase tickets in advance ($10) here: or at the door ($12) with cash. If you’re going to purchase tickets at the door, please email us to R.S.V.P. so that we can give you the address. The venue is super secret and crazy underground so we cant post the address publicly. (But we can tell you it’s in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)

As always, we are so excited to bring you this curated evening of awesomeness.



Love, BK

Sunday! HDC at The Living Room.

According to the 2012 Cost of Living index, Manhattan is the most expensive urban area in the United States. Thankfully, residents of the greater New York City area can experience professional quality music, dance, and spoken word provided and curated by the Hoover Dam Collective for the low cost of zero dollars and zero cents at the Living Room this Sunday, July 22nd.

That’s right. High quality art for the same price as that advertisment-laden AM newspaper shoved in your face on the subway stairs. I smell an awesome deal.

Who’s performing?


Kaylah Bell (Newly minted high-school grad with serious song-writing and performing talent. Adorable.)

Christine Hoberg (Remember this awesome collaboration with Francheska Lopez?)

She and the Sun (HDC’s favorite sibling duo, rapidly gaining a much-earned following lately.)

YOUNGmen (Brooklyn-warehouse-pop-rock-goodness. Get your dance on.)

Amanda Macleod, Lindsey Mandolini, and the Hoover Dam Collective will present some fancy dancing.

Daniel Grjonko (spoken word boy of wonder, also “a cigarette-smoking housecat from New Jersey.”)


More Info:


Doors at 6pm

Show: 6:15-9pm. “I have work on Monday morning” is no excuse. Even if you stay until the end of the show, you’ll have time to get home, exfoliate your face AND get your pearly 8 hours of restful peace.


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[We will also be celebrating 3 special birthdays: Michael Krause of Vo Rag, Melissa Ahern of She and the Sun, and HDC queen bee Theo Boguszewski!!!!!!!]

A Sneak Peek Inside 1Last1

Expect a real blog entry and more photos to follow:






HDC’s Easter Voyage into Manhattan. P.S. Janonis.

For those of you who were enjoying a scrumptious Easter dinner at home or recovering from the Seder Korban Pesach, I have compiled this handy recap (or Breecap, as I like to call it) of the Hoover Dam Collective’s Sunday show at the The Living Room.

“Oh wait!” You may be shouting at your screen, “I don’t remember you ever mentioning this show on the Blog.” Oh Dear Readers, you would be justified in accusing me of not doing an event post for this show. I didn’t even post the awesome graphic I made:

 (Bright colors mean fun, easter, celebration and candy!)

Readers, I apologize for not being on top of everything. I can only be perfect 99 percent of the time.

Blog-incompetence aside, I’ll get REAL honest. As a recent college graduate living so very far away from my home and family, being unable to celebrate holidays with my kin can be depressing. Luckily, the creative inspiration I feel when I’m performing with my talented friends is almost as amazing as my dad’s tantalizing twice-baked potatoes.

On Sunday night The Living Room felt like an my Living Room; the atmosphere was warm, smiles abounded, and many of the bands and collaborators had been a part of the HDC family for years.



The night started off with 2 dudes strumming guitars wearing extremely swanky shoes [see image!] known as:





Lost Leaders.

Peter Cole and Byron Issacs entertained us with their powerful harmonies and witty banter inbetween songs.




Don’t worry, We have a clip!

Next, with a sound as sweet and tender as an Easter Ham cooked to perfection,

Pat Hull and Michael Chinworth

performed a set with a special collaboration by Nicole Restani. Photos:

All videos provided by Dave Theisen. Thanks Dave!
Then, a large-scale collaboration arranged by Theo Boguszewski took the stage, performed by Katrina Cunningham, Roseann Baker, Lucy Wilson, Breegan Kearney, Andrew Cothren, Nicole Restani, Theo Boguszewski, featuring poetry by Katrina Cunningham, Adrienne Rosenberg, Charles Bukowski and the music of Vo Rag [Michael Krause and Brandon Lopez)


You can view the piece, which is an excerpt of a larger work to be performed at Purchase’s Downtown Cabaret festival on Friday, April 13th. For more info, click here.


Following this incredible collaboration was a set of poetry read and mostly written by

Carlos Marquez

(Not Carlos Mendez, Theo’s elementary school crush) helped by HDC friend

Nat Osborn



Carlos read many original poems, including one which was elegantly set to lush, sparkling piano accompaniment from Mr. Osborn. As a small treat at the end of the set, Carlos also read an awkwardly phrased, extremely cocky poem written by none other than the great Charlie Sheen, yielding peals of laughter from the audience.

You can see this collab0 hurr:

To finish of an already amazing night was a set by the HDC’s favorite shock of curly french hair:

Cyrille Aimée!

Cyrille provided the audience with a mind-blowing vocal set using her loop pedal to layer the beautiful noises coming from her cute, dimpled mouth.

Ms. Aimée was joined by dancers Roseann Baker and Katrina Cunningham in not one but TWO songs!



Well, this concludes another famous Bree-cap, and it’s time to make my poignant closing remarks and thank-yous.

You guys are the best. I love you all. Thank you. Here’s a poem by Charlie Sheen.

Endive, undead, unbroken,
Relax, relate, rehab,
Drug addict,
Pursue, persuade, persist,
Per-petuate [sic] your own death
By smiling a lot.
Supply, succumb, deny—everything.
Turtle, android, pain.
Endeavor, endless, end.

P.S. Janonis.


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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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