Otter vs. Beaver

2 children from each district in the country were selected fight a vicious battle to the death at the Hoover Dam Collective’s show at The Fifth Estate on March 24th.

Ok, so the part about the kids killing each other is actually the Hunger Games Movie, but the HDC did have an amazing evening at The Fifth Estate on Saturday.

The night kicked off with the neo-classical stylings of Matt Siffert.









Later, Roseann Baker, Theo Boguszewski and Katrina Cunningham joined for an improvisation, accompanied by solo Cello.











Kroba and Cosmo D participate in rampant Apple advertising and also manage to play an amazing set:








Check out this video of Cosmo D and Kroba accompanying the Hoover Damsels in a “Time and Space Altering Collaboration:”

Afterwards, The Murmurators played a set full of polyrhythmic goodness.








2 men with 2 guitars never sounded bigger with Greg Baldwin and Jon Rick. The Hoover Dam Damsels might have made an appearance.

Special thanks to the Chili-Cheese Dogs at The Fifth Estate Bar.

Check in with the blog for more details about the upcoming show on April 8th at the Living Room. (Yes, screw Easter Dinner!)

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HDC's resident Photographer and Website-keeper. Occasionally contributes dance and choreography talent. Works in a restaurant to earn cheddar.

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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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