A Cricket in Traffic

“London: Crickets in urban areas have changed their mating calls to cope with the traffic noise, scientists say. Researchers suggest that high levels of background noise may affect the crickets’ mating process, as the insects are forced to increase the volume of the low-frequency sections of their call. “

Mmm. Dirty. Hopefully we wont be affecting the mating processes of any creatures with the show on January 19th, unless the outcome is positive, of course.

A Cricket in Traffic

This show will be saturated with the spoken word, curated in part by HDC collaborator Daniel Grjonko. We’ll be crashing another friend’s loft for this not so little soiree, and I’ll take a moment to thank him especially: Muchas Gracias Ian Campbell!

Poetry by

Daniel Grjonko | Zachary Rooney | Jane Dodds | Carlos Marquez | Katrina Cunningham | Bogar Alonso | Stephanie Bartolome | Devrim Akman

Theater performances by

Ian Campell | Ted Caine and Monica Hammond

Music by

Brandon Lopez | Chives | Head Monsters | DJ David Kiss

Live Dance


Doors at 7, show at 7:30
248McKibben St, apt. 2J
Suggested Donation $5

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Hope to see you all there!

Make sure to attend the Facebook Event!

Loft In The Thrill of It All

Ah, October. The bittersweet beauty of dying foliage, the crisp crunch of ripe apples, and the plastic-y smell of a new mask for Halloween.

Let’s accept our fate that Winter is Coming together on October 13th HDC style, shall we?

The Hoover Dam Collective presents:

Loft In Translation

141 S 5th Street, Apt 2E, Doors at 7pm. 5$ before 10, 8$ after 10.

Cash Bar, free wine and snacks before 9pm

Suffice it to say, the HDC can add “someone’s loft” to our list of unconventional venues. This time around, we have the unique privilege of working with Chris Ottaviano, Nat Osborn, and Nadia Tykulsker in curating the event, and we’ve put together a doozy of a show. Here’s the lineup:

Pia Murray
Katie Dean
Jordan Isador

Visual Art by Ivan Ford and Colleen Logan

Poetry by Daniel Grjonko and Carlos Gomez Marquez

Film by
Sarah Konner and Austin Selden
Alex Springer and Xan Burley

Dustin Carlson
The Matt Simons Trio
Mad Satta
The Nat Osborn Band

DJ David Kiss

(the loft puns will never end. Other contenders include “Loft and Found” and “Loftcore Porn”)

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Sunday! HDC at The Living Room.

According to the 2012 Cost of Living index, Manhattan is the most expensive urban area in the United States. Thankfully, residents of the greater New York City area can experience professional quality music, dance, and spoken word provided and curated by the Hoover Dam Collective for the low cost of zero dollars and zero cents at the Living Room this Sunday, July 22nd.

That’s right. High quality art for the same price as that advertisment-laden AM newspaper shoved in your face on the subway stairs. I smell an awesome deal.

Who’s performing?


Kaylah Bell (Newly minted high-school grad with serious song-writing and performing talent. Adorable.)

Christine Hoberg (Remember this awesome collaboration with Francheska Lopez?)

She and the Sun (HDC’s favorite sibling duo, rapidly gaining a much-earned following lately.)

YOUNGmen (Brooklyn-warehouse-pop-rock-goodness. Get your dance on.)

Amanda Macleod, Lindsey Mandolini, and the Hoover Dam Collective will present some fancy dancing.

Daniel Grjonko (spoken word boy of wonder, also “a cigarette-smoking housecat from New Jersey.”)


More Info:


Doors at 6pm

Show: 6:15-9pm. “I have work on Monday morning” is no excuse. Even if you stay until the end of the show, you’ll have time to get home, exfoliate your face AND get your pearly 8 hours of restful peace.


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[We will also be celebrating 3 special birthdays: Michael Krause of Vo Rag, Melissa Ahern of She and the Sun, and HDC queen bee Theo Boguszewski!!!!!!!]

SILVER DOOR – June 16th

There is a reason why this website has been so quiet recently: The Hoover Dam Collective is about to unleash a storm of creative talent that will enrich the community of Crown Heights.

It might actually “rip your face off” in the best way possible.

The Bands.

Grab your favorite brass instrument of choice, because this is going to be a horn-heavy show.

Definition: An eclectic, electric corporation designed to free the human race from the dark aural shell that blocks the senses and imprisons the mind. “The last time I saw Communication Corporation live was at a college party in 1995. I was wasted and punched some dude. Consequently, the dude hunted me down the next day to thank me!” [their website]

Definition: A group of young people whose sound brings a touch of life, color, and funk to everything it touches. Person A:”Why is my butt moving of it’s own volition?” Person B: “Oh, that’s because The Rainbow Children are playing right now.” [Rainbow Children on Reverb Nation]

Definition: A marching band that also excels at Beer Pong. “Damn! I got beat in Beirut by that amazing 10 piece brass band Horny and the Dance Machine again and now I have to go streak through the quad.” [horny.bandcamp.com]

Definition: A group of superhero vigilantes that saves people from various dangerous cats in the Nigerian desert, while maintaining complex polyrhythms. “Dude, I would’ve gotten mauled by a cheetah if it weren’t for Underground System Afrobeat! ” [Their website]

The Dance.

Kat Rhodes brings her superstar-diva company ROADWORK to the space. YOUR FAVORITE BLOG HOSTESS IS IN THIS PIECE YOU’D BETTER BE THERE TO SEE IT. Check out her stuff here.

Co-Lab will bring us epic experiments in collaboration.

Nadia Tykulsker of Spark(edit) Arts will present a site-specific work. Does this name sound familiar to you? This might ring a bell: “AND THESE? THESE ARE MY PUBES.”

Sarah Mettin will show a heart-pounding piece from the repertoire of the Mettin Movement Collective.

Lindsey Jones will charm us with her magic tap shoes.

Roseann Baker will present a sexy chair dance using extremely attractive members of the HDC during Horny and the Dance Machine’s set.

The Other Stuff.

Justin Kirk, the Hoover Dam Collective’s infamous granola maker and bouncer, will be presenting his photography.

Dayna Moses will also be bringing a film installation to the space. Dayna is new to the Hoover Dam Collective, but her artistic incentives to dance fleetingly on the line of several different genres excites us. Welcome her.

Breegan Kearney and Theo Boguszewski have curated a series of pop-up multi-disciplinary installations which manifest themselves throughout the space. Andrew Cothren (of Franklin Park Reading Series fame) participates as well as The Rainbow Children.

The Nitty Gritty Details

We’ve found ourselves a venue of a lifetime with The Red Lotus Room. 893 Bergen St (between Classon and Franklin) is huge, dark, mysterious and easily accessible from the the 4, 5, 2, 3, C, at Franklin Ave and the Franklin Ave Shuttle at Park Place.

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I wont give anything away, but there might be a fire pit / bonfire. Just throwing that out there.


Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm

Come Early. Why? 5 magic words: THERE WILL BE FREE FOOD.*
*between 7 and 8

Cover charge: $10 before 10pm, $15 after 10pm.

There will be a cash bar.


In The Wasteland Just West of the Park


On March 24th, the Hoover Dam Collective will beckon you to the land of vegan leather baby shoes and gourmet pet food; where everything you order at a restaurant has been grass fed and the sidewalks sing about the tantrums of toddlers. Take out a map and poke the gentle green polygon that is Prospect Park then slide that finger just a bit to the left and you’ll find the lovely

Park Slope.

Yes fans! The Hoover Dam Collective will be conquering The Fifth Estate bar, shown below on the map:

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MARCH 24th



Matt Siffert and Band
Cosmo D and Kroba
The Murmurators
These Animals

The HDC dancers will bring that special bit of Hoover charm to the evening with their extraordinary dance prowess and resplendent beauty, of course.

This show is FREE, but make sure to grab that extra 20 bucks you made in tips at the coffee shop to purchase alcohol from the bar. Fifth Estate also offers some delicious things to eat so please leave that PB&J at home. (Some of us are allergic!)

We’ll be looking forward to seeing you at the show!

P.S. Watch out for the triple decker strollers and ignore the crabby old ladies coming out of the fluorescent Bingo parlor on your way there.


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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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