Be Our Neighbor @ Mister Rogers



Mister Rogers is possibly the most charming name that a venue can have. Did you know that the majority of Mister Rogers’ sweaters were made by his mother? What a genuine guy.

So, back to the show on Saturday (April 5th) – it’s going to be a pretty (very) good one,  with talented acts such as Nat Osborn Band, Kenya Hall Band, Aabaraki and Victory Gardens  with Marianne Rendon.

Those links are clickable and the musicians behind the screen are  really talented and waiting for you.


The show starts at 8 and will basically cost less than $1 an hour if you show up before 9:00, which is really wonderful, because there’s even more acts on top of all of that really jammin’  music (you’d know if you listened to it). Plus, for the folks who know that accumulating cultural capital is cool, there will be 5 excellent dance acts. Five.

We’ve got Megan Bascom and Dancers (“unmistakable quirkiness. It’s unpredictable, yet highly disciplined”), Emma Schain, Linnea Snyderman, Loudhound Movement Collective (“a collective designed to enhance and promote artistic integrity through investigative movement research, idea exchange, and public performance”) as well as Christina Noel and the Creature (“envelopes viewers visually and aurally in multi-textured environments derived from human connections and encounters”).


Upgrade yrself.

+ visual art is covered and curated by Meirav Gebler.

a dissappearing people

Saturday, April 5th 2014

Misters Rogers @ 231 Rogers Ave (Crown Heights) 

Doors at 7:30, starts at 8 

$5 before 9, $10 after 9 

Hullabaloo Bookstore Monthly Residency!


Well, this is interesting! The HDC has never take on a bookstore before!

This montly residency will be on the first Wednesday of every month, in Hullaballo Bookstore in Crown Heights. 711a Franklin Avenue, (On Park Place) Brooklyn NY 11216

Help us welcome Hullabaloo Books to the neighborhood!

“Off the Books” is the first of a series of monthly residency shows that we will be doing at Hullabaloo Books on Park Place and Franklin in Crown Heights.

The shows will take place the first Wednesday of every month, starting this coming Weds, October 2nd. Join us for an evening of music, comedy and poetry!

Featuring music performances by: Noise & Rhythm, WTsquared (Bill Todd and Wayne Tucker), Tom Larsen Poetry by Daniel Grjonko,  Comedy by Robert Dean

To attend the Facebook Event, click here!


Brought to you by The Hoover Dam Collective


Vine from Homecoming

More images and video to come!


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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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