No Strings Attached

Despite the anti-valentine title, we assure you there will be plenty of love flowing at our upcoming show. We’ll be at Spike Hill in Williamsburg for the first time this winter. Our shows at Spike Hill can get pretty busy and the space is narrow, so be sure to come early to get a good spot!

No Strings Attached

This time around, we’ll be featuring some serious string action.

Speed Bump

Victory Gardens

Isaiah Gage

Mary Carter

Noise and Rhythm

There will be live dance by Jordan Morley, Breegan Kearney, Madison Krekel, Mary Carter and others!


Remember that we also have shows coming up on the 23rd and 25th! End of february is busy! Check out our upcoming event page for more information!


Yet ANOTHER Dam Holiday?!

As if there wasn’t already enough holiday cheer in the air, the Hoover Dam Collective has resolved to add our own debaucherous seasonal flair to the mix with Yet Another Dam Holiday. (See multi-religion-embracing poster below)

Theo Boguzsewski’s rendition of the 12 days of Christmas says it all:

12 shots of whiskey
11 damsels dancing
10 whistlers whistling
9 vikings bouncing
8 sharks a leaping
7 orchestra bitches
6 chicks eating roses
5 hookers scheming
4 dudes in their pajamas
3 hipsters drumming
2 interns strumming
1 giant lemon (property of the Hoover Dam Collective)

This show will feature:

Pat Hull

Juliette Strong and Band

Lauren Elder

Bunk Bed

Live Comedy and Dance

Come out to Spike Hill on December 18th. You have to leave to see the family soon and you might as well get one last Brooklyn huzzah in before your grandma pinches your cheeks until you get psoriasis. (or before the world ends) Am i rite?

Attend the event on Facebook, friends.


We Have Loved and Gained

On Tuesday night the HDC had a show at Spike Hill in Williamsburg to celebrate the worst holiday ever invented: Valentines Day! This day has the potential to ruin relationships and alienate single people, so we at the HDC wanted to host an event that was open to mopers, happy couples, and devil scorpion women alike. We tore down the pink frills and smashed the chocolate hearts and replaced them with plaid shirts, beer, and live art.

Brian and Silbin and Friends howling and singing and stuff.

Chris Ayer is that guy at the party with a guitar that all the girls fall in love with.


Chess Lopez, playing the part of a cracked-out french girl, tries to pick Willy's nose to win him over. I thought it was going to work...

The comedy of Robert Dean helped us forget our love-sorrows.

Spencer Murphy and Friends dusted our ears with visceral love-pollen while our eyes feasted upon an improvisation arranged by Theo Boguszewski. So many Lonely Women.

Feel free to peruse through the full gallery below. Please NOTE! These images belong to Breegan Kearney and credit is required where credit is due. (So no stealing without permission!)

As always, Love from Brooklyn and the Hoover Dam Collective

Bk in Bk


Love Ain’t Worth A Dam!

Your Favorite Hoover Dam Blog Writer here, 

I will literally burst at the seams right now if I don’t get this out. Insert drumroll, fanfare, anticipatory music and plenty of confetti:


Please look forward to another post – spiffed up with shout-outs as promised – coming soon. For now, I will simply say THANK YOU!!!! (With multiple exclamation points!)

Moving on to matters of the heart….

That’s right, lovers and leavers, the HDC is doing Valentines day the right way: for everyone. Desparate or rebounding single people, couples that are in love, couples that are sick of each other, people who have unrequited love: COME TO OUR SHOW and get your Valentine-y fill with the Hoover Dam Collective.

This show will take place at Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Valentines Day. 6:30pm! (Don’t forget your flannel.)


Music by: Chris Ayer, Brian Siblin and Friends, Evam McCullough, Spencer Murphy and Friends.

Poetry by: Adrienne Rosenberg

Comedy by: Luke Schwartz, Willy Appelman, and special guest Mark Normand

Hosted by: Willy Appelman

Danced by: The Hoover Damsels

Making Tuesday Cool

Tuesday the 13th of December, 2011, The Hoover Dam Collective performed a 2-hour set at Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Without getting sappy, I have to take a moment to thank the sweet Muses for the Hoover Dam Collective.

While munching on taco-truck deliciousness and drinking one last beer at the end of a hectic, euphoric night of great music, dance and poetry, I flashed back to the very first Hoover Dam Collective meeting at my apartment (The Hoover Dam) at Purchase College. Around 15 people crammed into my tiny living room that day, finding seats on arms of chairs, tables, the floor, and laps. I remember still the smell of Theo Boguszewski’s baked lemon bars which had been plopped unceremoniously on a plastic plate in the center of the table, and which had been a serious point of interest to many of the attendees who listened to their taste buds and responded to the call of the warm, sticky treats. That evening meeting was filled with funny banter, tangents, and some fervent discussions about art.  The meeting gathered steam and resulted in every member leaving with a passion for discovering what we each could do with the concept of the show – an exploration of what art can be.

Wiping away quick tears caused by 10 percent nostalgia and 90 percent spicy taco sauce, I realized how lucky I was to be present at that meeting, and to still be contributing to the Hoover Dam. The Spike Hill show had been inspiring. We had brought out a huge crowd of new and old HDC friends on a Tuesday, which everyone knows is probably the lamest weeknight of the week. My gift to you all today is a little gallery of memories from that awesome Tuesday. Thanks to the Hoover Dam Collective and all the artists!

Love, BK


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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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