MUCH MORE at Muchmore’s


“On Thursday March 28th, The Hoover Dam Collective presents an intimate evening of music, dance and poetry at Muchmores, one of our new favorite spots. Come drink Korean liquor and admire the venue’s awe-inspiring art installations as you enjoy the croonings of some really fabulous singer songwriters, punctuated by poetry sets and dance performances.”

Cash bar, $5 before 10pm, $7 after 10pm | Bar is 21+, show is all ages. 

Hosted by our favorite acerbic comedian, Luke Schwartz, this show will feature


Mike Gordon and Andy Roninson
Jasper Lewis
Chris Michael
Juliet Strong
The Great and Terrible


Amanda Mcleod and Lindsey Mandolini


Katrina Cunningham with Julie Kantor
Daniel Grjonko

LOFT in SPACE Event Gallery

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Loft in Space show on March 2nd! Special thanks to our performers, to David Kiss and Travis Tacon for running sound, and to Neha Sha for the space. We also couldn’t have done this without HDC collaborator Nat Osborn. Thanks to everyone who worked the bar and … Continue reading

A Cricket in Traffic

“London: Crickets in urban areas have changed their mating calls to cope with the traffic noise, scientists say. Researchers suggest that high levels of background noise may affect the crickets’ mating process, as the insects are forced to increase the volume of the low-frequency sections of their call. “

Mmm. Dirty. Hopefully we wont be affecting the mating processes of any creatures with the show on January 19th, unless the outcome is positive, of course.

A Cricket in Traffic

This show will be saturated with the spoken word, curated in part by HDC collaborator Daniel Grjonko. We’ll be crashing another friend’s loft for this not so little soiree, and I’ll take a moment to thank him especially: Muchas Gracias Ian Campbell!

Poetry by

Daniel Grjonko | Zachary Rooney | Jane Dodds | Carlos Marquez | Katrina Cunningham | Bogar Alonso | Stephanie Bartolome | Devrim Akman

Theater performances by

Ian Campell | Ted Caine and Monica Hammond

Music by

Brandon Lopez | Chives | Head Monsters | DJ David Kiss

Live Dance


Doors at 7, show at 7:30
248McKibben St, apt. 2J
Suggested Donation $5

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Hope to see you all there!

Make sure to attend the Facebook Event!

Rock out. January 12.

This Saturday the 12th of January, the Hoover Dam Collective hits Williamsburg again, this time taking over a venue that Liam B. on Yelp calls “hipstery for sure, but a nice spot.” We’ll be rocking out with some high-energy bands, comedy (curated by our very favorite Luke Schwartz), and some live dance in this intimate venue.

The HDC Presents: Rock Show!


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Be sure to attend on facebook!

And, don’t forget we have another show on the January 19th – “A Cricket in Traffic” at the Mckibbon ¬†Lofts. More details soon.


Yet ANOTHER Dam Holiday?!

As if there wasn’t already enough holiday cheer in the air, the Hoover Dam Collective has resolved to add our own debaucherous seasonal flair to the mix with Yet Another Dam Holiday. (See multi-religion-embracing poster below)

Theo Boguzsewski’s rendition of the 12 days of Christmas says it all:

12 shots of whiskey
11 damsels dancing
10 whistlers whistling
9 vikings bouncing
8 sharks a leaping
7 orchestra bitches
6 chicks eating roses
5 hookers scheming
4 dudes in their pajamas
3 hipsters drumming
2 interns strumming
1 giant lemon (property of the Hoover Dam Collective)

This show will feature:

Pat Hull

Juliette Strong and Band

Lauren Elder

Bunk Bed

Live Comedy and Dance

Come out to Spike Hill on December 18th. You have to leave to see the family soon and you might as well get one last Brooklyn huzzah in before your grandma pinches your cheeks until you get psoriasis. (or before the world ends) Am i rite?

Attend the event on Facebook, friends.



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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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