MUCH MORE at Muchmore’s


“On Thursday March 28th, The Hoover Dam Collective presents an intimate evening of music, dance and poetry at Muchmores, one of our new favorite spots. Come drink Korean liquor and admire the venue’s awe-inspiring art installations as you enjoy the croonings of some really fabulous singer songwriters, punctuated by poetry sets and dance performances.”

Cash bar, $5 before 10pm, $7 after 10pm | Bar is 21+, show is all ages. 

Hosted by our favorite acerbic comedian, Luke Schwartz, this show will feature


Mike Gordon and Andy Roninson
Jasper Lewis
Chris Michael
Juliet Strong
The Great and Terrible


Amanda Mcleod and Lindsey Mandolini


Katrina Cunningham with Julie Kantor
Daniel Grjonko

A Cricket in Traffic

“London: Crickets in urban areas have changed their mating calls to cope with the traffic noise, scientists say. Researchers suggest that high levels of background noise may affect the crickets’ mating process, as the insects are forced to increase the volume of the low-frequency sections of their call. “

Mmm. Dirty. Hopefully we wont be affecting the mating processes of any creatures with the show on January 19th, unless the outcome is positive, of course.

A Cricket in Traffic

This show will be saturated with the spoken word, curated in part by HDC collaborator Daniel Grjonko. We’ll be crashing another friend’s loft for this not so little soiree, and I’ll take a moment to thank him especially: Muchas Gracias Ian Campbell!

Poetry by

Daniel Grjonko | Zachary Rooney | Jane Dodds | Carlos Marquez | Katrina Cunningham | Bogar Alonso | Stephanie Bartolome | Devrim Akman

Theater performances by

Ian Campell | Ted Caine and Monica Hammond

Music by

Brandon Lopez | Chives | Head Monsters | DJ David Kiss

Live Dance


Doors at 7, show at 7:30
248McKibben St, apt. 2J
Suggested Donation $5

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Hope to see you all there!

Make sure to attend the Facebook Event!

HDC’s Easter Voyage into Manhattan. P.S. Janonis.

For those of you who were enjoying a scrumptious Easter dinner at home or recovering from the Seder Korban Pesach, I have compiled this handy recap (or Breecap, as I like to call it) of the Hoover Dam Collective’s Sunday show at the The Living Room.

“Oh wait!” You may be shouting at your screen, “I don’t remember you ever mentioning this show on the Blog.” Oh Dear Readers, you would be justified in accusing me of not doing an event post for this show. I didn’t even post the awesome graphic I made:

 (Bright colors mean fun, easter, celebration and candy!)

Readers, I apologize for not being on top of everything. I can only be perfect 99 percent of the time.

Blog-incompetence aside, I’ll get REAL honest. As a recent college graduate living so very far away from my home and family, being unable to celebrate holidays with my kin can be depressing. Luckily, the creative inspiration I feel when I’m performing with my talented friends is almost as amazing as my dad’s tantalizing twice-baked potatoes.

On Sunday night The Living Room felt like an my Living Room; the atmosphere was warm, smiles abounded, and many of the bands and collaborators had been a part of the HDC family for years.



The night started off with 2 dudes strumming guitars wearing extremely swanky shoes [see image!] known as:





Lost Leaders.

Peter Cole and Byron Issacs entertained us with their powerful harmonies and witty banter inbetween songs.




Don’t worry, We have a clip!

Next, with a sound as sweet and tender as an Easter Ham cooked to perfection,

Pat Hull and Michael Chinworth

performed a set with a special collaboration by Nicole Restani. Photos:

All videos provided by Dave Theisen. Thanks Dave!
Then, a large-scale collaboration arranged by Theo Boguszewski took the stage, performed by Katrina Cunningham, Roseann Baker, Lucy Wilson, Breegan Kearney, Andrew Cothren, Nicole Restani, Theo Boguszewski, featuring poetry by Katrina Cunningham, Adrienne Rosenberg, Charles Bukowski and the music of Vo Rag [Michael Krause and Brandon Lopez)


You can view the piece, which is an excerpt of a larger work to be performed at Purchase’s Downtown Cabaret festival on Friday, April 13th. For more info, click here.


Following this incredible collaboration was a set of poetry read and mostly written by

Carlos Marquez

(Not Carlos Mendez, Theo’s elementary school crush) helped by HDC friend

Nat Osborn



Carlos read many original poems, including one which was elegantly set to lush, sparkling piano accompaniment from Mr. Osborn. As a small treat at the end of the set, Carlos also read an awkwardly phrased, extremely cocky poem written by none other than the great Charlie Sheen, yielding peals of laughter from the audience.

You can see this collab0 hurr:

To finish of an already amazing night was a set by the HDC’s favorite shock of curly french hair:

Cyrille Aimée!

Cyrille provided the audience with a mind-blowing vocal set using her loop pedal to layer the beautiful noises coming from her cute, dimpled mouth.

Ms. Aimée was joined by dancers Roseann Baker and Katrina Cunningham in not one but TWO songs!



Well, this concludes another famous Bree-cap, and it’s time to make my poignant closing remarks and thank-yous.

You guys are the best. I love you all. Thank you. Here’s a poem by Charlie Sheen.

Endive, undead, unbroken,
Relax, relate, rehab,
Drug addict,
Pursue, persuade, persist,
Per-petuate [sic] your own death
By smiling a lot.
Supply, succumb, deny—everything.
Turtle, android, pain.
Endeavor, endless, end.

P.S. Janonis.

We’re Dam Grateful!

The Hoover Dam Collective has big dreams.

We want to pay our artists the money they deserve.

We yearn to book bigger venues.

We want each show to be the best we’ve ever done.

We want to expand our influence and grow our community.

Now we can, thanks to YOU.

We have over-exceeded our campaign goal of 5000 dollars within the time limit of 60 days, and now we have the capability to do everything we dream of. Money rules the world, and you’ve given us a great gift that does not go unappreciated.

Thank you for funding artistic collaboration:

Justin Kirk ♥ Tara Sheena  Andrew Cothren ♥ Jenni Berthelot ♥ Thom Cunningham

Thank you for helping create a vibrant community of artists:

Andy Roninson ♥ Susan Restani ♥ Santino Lo ♥ Nga Azarian ♥ John Waggoner

Thank you for helping us pay our artists: 

Nicole Restani ♥ Cheryl Mallen ♥ Roseann Baker ♥ Natasha Poon Woo  ♥ Rose Retzloff

Thank you for funding an upstart art collective with big dreams:

Melissa Ahern  ♥  Chelsea Retzloff  ♥ Linnea Snyderman  ♥  Andrew Giugno  ♥ Gustavo Rodriguez

Thank you for helping us get bigger and better venues to fill with great, high-quality art:

Irene Lee  ♥ David Weaver  ♥ Steven R. Smith II  ♥  Bonnie and Barney Kearney  ♥ Brian Lawson

Thank you for funding the next generation of artists:

Yvonne Surette  ♥ Tyler Newhouse  ♥ Greg Kearney  ♥  Gary Bogus  ♥ Sonny and Cyndi Ivey 

Thank you for supporting the members of the collective that work so hard to make these shows happen:

Theodora Boguszewski (haha, yea thanks big-time!)  ♥  E. Edelson  ♥  Connie Temple and Skip Smith  ♥ Ken Tabachnick  ♥ Barbara Hauptman

Thank you for assisting the Hoover Dam Collective in promoting our shows:

Alex Pazdan  ♥ Maria Guralnik  ♥ Rachael Pazdan  ♥  Breegan Kearney  ♥ Jamie James

Thank you for giving us the money to accomplish our dreams of a no-judgement  high-quality group of collaborators:

David Weaver  ♥ Sarah J. Waggoner  ♥  Amy Isaac  ♥ Nelly van Bommel  ♥  Cheryl Koeber ♥  Lucy Wilson  ♥ Nicholas Croft

Thanks again, and MUCH LOVE:

BK in BK



Hello HDC Friends,

This past Friday January 27th, the Hoover Dam Collective had a show at the Launchpad in Brooklyn [Down The Street Part 7].  We booked bands that have never played with the HDC before, and the show not only proved to be extra-successful,  it also gave the HDC a new list of great musicians to draw upon for later shows. It’s always amazing to us how many people share their incredible artistic talents with the HDC.

♦Before I get to the meat of this post, I want to mention the Rockethub campaign one more time. We’re in the final stretch, and we still haven’t reached our goal! We really would love that money to continue to put on great shows like this one. We have big dreams for 2012, my friends. For one, we would like to purchase an official HDC hot tub. We think that would really give us great potential for our events. We also would like to book better venues and PAY OUR ARTISTS.


(If you don’t understand my sarcasm: We don’t actually have plans to buy a hot tub.)

You can get to our Rockethup page campaign here,

Remember, all donations will be matched by an anonymous donor, so your money has double the pleasure, double the fun.


The night started out softly with a set by Pat Hull, which included a collaboration with dancer Roseann Baker.

Pat Hull

Pat Hull croons at the HDC's Launchpad Show

Roseann Baker and Pat Hull

Following Pat, Brooke Herr-Cardillo and Weston Minissali presented a visceral music and dance collaboration.

After some mouth-screaming goodness from Brooke and Weston, Sleepy Boy Blue got us riled up with some high-energy blues.

Kat Rhodes charmed us all with her dance collaboration with Sleepy Boy Blue.

Vo Rag had the room’s rapt attention with a unique combination of acoustic bass and guitar.  I had the pleasure of crawling under and in-between their instruments during the HDC Dancers‘ improv to their set.

Edward Zisk followed with an amazing solo set, which inspired me so much that I jumped on stage and danced with him! As a result, I have no photos of his set, but I really want to share his music with you all, so here’s a link to Edward Zisk’s Youtube Channel.

Following Edward Zisk was Friend of Mine, a band with a purpose to rock hard.

They got the whole place dancing.

DJ Eric Mendenhall wrapped the whole night up by facilitating a vinyl dance party. What would we do without our end-of-the-night DJ?

Thanks for taking the photo tour, ladies and gentlemen. Please continue to support us by reading the blog, attending our shows, and donating to us!


BK in BK


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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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