Rock out. January 12.

This Saturday the 12th of January, the Hoover Dam Collective hits Williamsburg again, this time taking over a venue that Liam B. on Yelp calls “hipstery for sure, but a nice spot.” We’ll be rocking out with some high-energy bands, comedy (curated by our very favorite Luke Schwartz), and some live dance in this intimate venue.

The HDC Presents: Rock Show!


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Be sure to attend on facebook!

And, don’t forget we have another show on the January 19th – “A Cricket in Traffic” at the Mckibbon  Lofts. More details soon.


Yet ANOTHER Dam Holiday?!

As if there wasn’t already enough holiday cheer in the air, the Hoover Dam Collective has resolved to add our own debaucherous seasonal flair to the mix with Yet Another Dam Holiday. (See multi-religion-embracing poster below)

Theo Boguzsewski’s rendition of the 12 days of Christmas says it all:

12 shots of whiskey
11 damsels dancing
10 whistlers whistling
9 vikings bouncing
8 sharks a leaping
7 orchestra bitches
6 chicks eating roses
5 hookers scheming
4 dudes in their pajamas
3 hipsters drumming
2 interns strumming
1 giant lemon (property of the Hoover Dam Collective)

This show will feature:

Pat Hull

Juliette Strong and Band

Lauren Elder

Bunk Bed

Live Comedy and Dance

Come out to Spike Hill on December 18th. You have to leave to see the family soon and you might as well get one last Brooklyn huzzah in before your grandma pinches your cheeks until you get psoriasis. (or before the world ends) Am i rite?

Attend the event on Facebook, friends.


Loft In The Thrill of It All

Ah, October. The bittersweet beauty of dying foliage, the crisp crunch of ripe apples, and the plastic-y smell of a new mask for Halloween.

Let’s accept our fate that Winter is Coming together on October 13th HDC style, shall we?

The Hoover Dam Collective presents:

Loft In Translation

141 S 5th Street, Apt 2E, Doors at 7pm. 5$ before 10, 8$ after 10.

Cash Bar, free wine and snacks before 9pm

Suffice it to say, the HDC can add “someone’s loft” to our list of unconventional venues. This time around, we have the unique privilege of working with Chris Ottaviano, Nat Osborn, and Nadia Tykulsker in curating the event, and we’ve put together a doozy of a show. Here’s the lineup:

Pia Murray
Katie Dean
Jordan Isador

Visual Art by Ivan Ford and Colleen Logan

Poetry by Daniel Grjonko and Carlos Gomez Marquez

Film by
Sarah Konner and Austin Selden
Alex Springer and Xan Burley

Dustin Carlson
The Matt Simons Trio
Mad Satta
The Nat Osborn Band

DJ David Kiss

(the loft puns will never end. Other contenders include “Loft and Found” and “Loftcore Porn”)

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The HDC is returning home to our favorite Crown Heights neighborhood spot!

The Launchpad

(A cozy little crash where the wine and yoga mats flow)

◊ The Details :

The Launchpad Brooklyn
721 Franklin Avenue
[ take the 2, 3, 4, 5 or C to Franklin Ave / S to Park Place ]
8 pm.
Free wine!

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◊ The Artists


Curtis Becraft | a “longtime veteran of the East Village music scene.”

Sleepy Boy Blue and His Band | remember this amazing past HDC collaboration?

Aphleck | the band that will “save us all” from impending doom!

Hachiko | HDC  friend, contributor and resident wacko Brandon Lopez heads this band. Get excited. (Just kidding about the wacko part)


Daniel Grjonko | cant get enough of the HDC after he performed at The Living Room. Poetry!

Of course, the HDC dancers will make an appearance.

◊ The Reasons

The neighborhood will be full of energy, the backyard patio will be inviting, and the wine will be flowing. Free snacks will be available, and it’ll be a great chance to see some fantastic art and catch up with the crew! We hope for this to be a laid-back show with plenty of time to chat and laugh.

I hope to see you all there!

Love BK!


Sunday! HDC at The Living Room.

According to the 2012 Cost of Living index, Manhattan is the most expensive urban area in the United States. Thankfully, residents of the greater New York City area can experience professional quality music, dance, and spoken word provided and curated by the Hoover Dam Collective for the low cost of zero dollars and zero cents at the Living Room this Sunday, July 22nd.

That’s right. High quality art for the same price as that advertisment-laden AM newspaper shoved in your face on the subway stairs. I smell an awesome deal.

Who’s performing?


Kaylah Bell (Newly minted high-school grad with serious song-writing and performing talent. Adorable.)

Christine Hoberg (Remember this awesome collaboration with Francheska Lopez?)

She and the Sun (HDC’s favorite sibling duo, rapidly gaining a much-earned following lately.)

YOUNGmen (Brooklyn-warehouse-pop-rock-goodness. Get your dance on.)

Amanda Macleod, Lindsey Mandolini, and the Hoover Dam Collective will present some fancy dancing.

Daniel Grjonko (spoken word boy of wonder, also “a cigarette-smoking housecat from New Jersey.”)


More Info:


Doors at 6pm

Show: 6:15-9pm. “I have work on Monday morning” is no excuse. Even if you stay until the end of the show, you’ll have time to get home, exfoliate your face AND get your pearly 8 hours of restful peace.


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[We will also be celebrating 3 special birthdays: Michael Krause of Vo Rag, Melissa Ahern of She and the Sun, and HDC queen bee Theo Boguszewski!!!!!!!]


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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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