Love Ain’t Worth A Dam!

Your Favorite Hoover Dam Blog Writer here, 

I will literally burst at the seams right now if I don’t get this out. Insert drumroll, fanfare, anticipatory music and plenty of confetti:


Please look forward to another post – spiffed up with shout-outs as promised – coming soon. For now, I will simply say THANK YOU!!!! (With multiple exclamation points!)

Moving on to matters of the heart….

That’s right, lovers and leavers, the HDC is doing Valentines day the right way: for everyone. Desparate or rebounding single people, couples that are in love, couples that are sick of each other, people who have unrequited love: COME TO OUR SHOW and get your Valentine-y fill with the Hoover Dam Collective.

This show will take place at Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Valentines Day. 6:30pm! (Don’t forget your flannel.)


Music by: Chris Ayer, Brian Siblin and Friends, Evam McCullough, Spencer Murphy and Friends.

Poetry by: Adrienne Rosenberg

Comedy by: Luke Schwartz, Willy Appelman, and special guest Mark Normand

Hosted by: Willy Appelman

Danced by: The Hoover Damsels

Hoover Damned Photos

We at the Hoover Dam Collective are working on getting things together for our next show on December 13th. To tide you over until then, here are some photos by Roman Dean from our last event, HOOVER DAMNED, which rocked Station 171 on October 27th. Photos are copyright Roman Dean and were originally posted by … Continue reading

Damned Decapitation Recapitulation

New York’s hottest club is “HOOVER DAMNED.” This place has everything: sweaty Power Rangers, a zombie kitty, Kurt Cobain reincarnated and a human Hoover Dam.”

“Stefan, what’s a human Hoover Dam?”

“Its the thing of where you paint a group of midgets grey and stack them at the entrance like bricks so no one can get out.”

This show really did have everything: Multimedia, Film, Comedy and Story-Telling, Theater, Dance, Music and Visual Art. To travel from the stage to the bar, I walked through 3 dance circles during Archie Pelago’s set. I ate chicken from Colonel Sander’s bucket after he won the costume contest. I watched Chess Lopez drink a can of beer and smoke a cigarette while dancing with a film version of herself. I heard someone announce “THESE ARE MY PUBES” to a rapt audence. I saw a girl try to feed a zombie kitty soy nuts. I watched five comedians make fun of the Red Power Ranger. I performed the Time Warp twice in a row to a screaming crowd. Peter McHugh cracked me up with his “Formal Apology” costume. I saw Professor Gladwell get seduced by the dark-haired vixen of his dreams.

All in all, it was a great night.

1 GIGANTIC “Thank You!” to everyone who performed,

1 RESOUNDING high-five to everyone who attended, and

1 HUGE pat on the back to all the members of the Hoover Dam who either organized or helped during the show.

And without further ado, THE TIME WARP!

Love, BK in bk and the HDC

Hoover Damned


At dusk on the 27th of October, the ghosts of artists past will rise again, and terror will rain down upon all those of the Hoover Dam…

Poster designed by the talented Brianna Murphy. Don’t you just want to get it tattooed on your lower back? I do.


Yes, it’s true: The Hoover Dam is once again taking over Station 171 of Greenpoint Brooklyn. Quick details:

HOOVER DAMNED  // October 27th

Station 171 // 171  Lombardy St. Brooklyn NY (Greenpoint)


$5 before 9PM
$8 after 9PM

We bring you all of the normal insanity you’ve come to expect from the HDC – high-quality artistic collaboration, groovin’ music, and all the drinks and debauchery your stomach can handle – and this time, we’re doing it in costume.

Grab your cat ears, throw on a santa hat, or just come up with a witty name for the skankiest outfit you have and make your way out into the depths of Greenpoint to 171 Lombardy St. (See map below for assistance)

We’ve got some returning friends and some new faces presenting for this monster mash and we are so excited to see what out performers have to offer!

The show kicks off at 6:30, with the serenading sounds of Kaylah Bell. And you’ll definitely want to catch his set, for more reasons than just that free can of PBR with paid admission before 730!

The treats don’t stop there! Dance sets from 715-745 and 830-9; Comedy from 745-830; and Film, Musical Theater and Music from 9pm til we just can’t boogie no mo’


Choreography by:

Emily Vetsch

Sarah Mettin

Kat Rhodes

Kevin Faye

Tara Sheena

Marissa Joseph

Spark (edit) Arts


Comedy: Luke Schwartz and guests


Film Collaboration:

Tasha Louie and Francheska Lopez



Gladwell’s Inferno

Mr. Juniper

Celestial Shore

Archie Pelago

Underground System

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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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