Once More at Muchmore’s


The Hoover Dam Collective is back at one of our favorite Williamsburg hangs. We’re trying to catch everyone pre Holiday madness, although the show is kicking off on the first day of Chanukah. If you can get away from the shopping, trip-planning, and general chaos, join us for a little merriment.

We will be featuring music by

Dustin Carlson
Noelle Tannen and the Filthy No-Nos
Bad Faces

Dance by:

Maya Orchin
Holly Heidt
Megan Bascom & Dancers

Poetry by:

Carlos Guillermo Gomez Marquez
Daniel Grjonko

Comedy by:

Nate Waggoner
Alicia Camden
Garrett Barnes

The show will take place on Tuesday, December 16th from 9pm to midnight. Cover is $5 at the door.

Much love from the HDC!

Tutus and Brews




Bring something frilly and a fermented fizzy beverage made with yeast. Actually JK. If you show up wearing a tutu or bringing your own booze to this venue, you’ll be the odd man out.

HDC is taking on Bushwick again. You know, that white collar neighborhood filled with corporate lawyers and business men Actually JK again. Bushwick is filled with our favorite kind of people: Artsy broke types! Come revel in the grungy-grafitti’ed coolness that defines life in Bklyn!


Music By:

Stevie and the Lion

Hilary Jones

Leverage Models

Comedy curated by:

Luke Schwartz

Poetry from Carlos Marquez and guests

Dance performances by Tara Sheena and members of the Hoover Dam Collective

Late-night dance vibes brought to you by DJ David Kiss. Kiss him.


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Tutus –

25 Bogart Street Brooklyn NY

Doors at 8pm

Rock out. January 12.

This Saturday the 12th of January, the Hoover Dam Collective hits Williamsburg again, this time taking over a venue that Liam B. on Yelp calls “hipstery for sure, but a nice spot.” We’ll be rocking out with some high-energy bands, comedy (curated by our very favorite Luke Schwartz), and some live dance in this intimate venue.

The HDC Presents: Rock Show!


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Be sure to attend on facebook!

And, don’t forget we have another show on the January 19th – “A Cricket in Traffic” at the Mckibbon  Lofts. More details soon.


A Sneak Peek Inside 1Last1

Expect a real blog entry and more photos to follow:






We Have Loved and Gained

On Tuesday night the HDC had a show at Spike Hill in Williamsburg to celebrate the worst holiday ever invented: Valentines Day! This day has the potential to ruin relationships and alienate single people, so we at the HDC wanted to host an event that was open to mopers, happy couples, and devil scorpion women alike. We tore down the pink frills and smashed the chocolate hearts and replaced them with plaid shirts, beer, and live art.

Brian and Silbin and Friends howling and singing and stuff.

Chris Ayer is that guy at the party with a guitar that all the girls fall in love with.


Chess Lopez, playing the part of a cracked-out french girl, tries to pick Willy's nose to win him over. I thought it was going to work...

The comedy of Robert Dean helped us forget our love-sorrows.

Spencer Murphy and Friends dusted our ears with visceral love-pollen while our eyes feasted upon an improvisation arranged by Theo Boguszewski. So many Lonely Women.

Feel free to peruse through the full gallery below. Please NOTE! These images belong to Breegan Kearney and credit is required where credit is due. (So no stealing without permission!)

As always, Love from Brooklyn and the Hoover Dam Collective

Bk in Bk



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Thanks to everyone who attended our show at LIC bar in Queens!
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